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can't stay? take it away!

Enjoy the party elsewhere with Bird’s Pottery Takeaway boxes. Hire the box for up to 3 days with the choice of any available pots in the pottery fit for any occasion from children’s whimsical creatures to elegant vases and bowls.


- 1x Wooden Storage Box

- 1x Tile Colour Wheel

- 15x Ceramic Pottery Colourful Glazes

- 12x Various Paint Brushes

- 1x Mop Brush

- 2x Red Enamel Beakers

- 6x Paint Palettes

- 1x Pencil Case (6x Pencil/ 1x Rubber/ 1x Pencil Sharpener)

- Takeaway Box Instructions

​Each box comes with a £30 deposit and a £10 minimum spend.

takeaway box

We will fire your pots and contact you when they are ready to collect.
 *If you are unable to collect, we can post your pots to you for an additional charge, fee is dependent on weight. 

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