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We will come to you!

Bird's pottery is always welcome to mobile requests, for hand building, paint your own and throwing. Whether it's for a party or community event there is something for everyone! 

We offer workshops and lessons in schools, colleges or out of school settings. These can be
around various curriculum areas and can cater to individual needs of participants. We have
an experienced Youth Worker and staff have a wealth of experience in the field of
therapeutic arts practices and education.

Parties can be held at your home or a venue of your choice. We supply everything from the paint your own items, brushes to tablecloths and aprons.

*We are happy to provide table and chairs if needed.


Bird's mobile workshops services

Pick and paint your own pottery piece!

Fly over to our enchanting pottery and unleash your inner artist! At bird’s pottery, you get a choice of over 300 different types of pottery pieces you can paint ranging from a simple small butterfly to gigantic cup and saucer.


Make and paint your own pot!

Why not create your own pottery piece? Under the expert guidance of bird's pottery's very own Georgie Bird! 

A new recent oversea trend has flown into bird’s nest!

If you like the idea for pottery but do not want to get dirty or are an experienced potter and would like to try a new challenge, this is the perfect thing for you. We introduce to you the mini wheel!

Make a memory that will last a lifetime with bird’s pottery!

our young ones one’s grow up so quickly, it’s important to capture the little things in life… like their tiny hands and feet! 

Whether it's a celebration of a new-born or a momentum of a special occasion, bird's pottery is well equipped for child and baby prints (or even a furry friend). Sometimes young children are a little apprehensive we have a very patient team and if you require any help just let us know!

Choose to print your child's hands or feet on either a premade pottery item or make an imprint in clay!

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